Visuals: Dreaming.

I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming. 💔  Part 2 of 3.

Visuals off the project HER. ((Part 3 coming soon)).

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Visuals: Like 2 Party.

This video was special because it was shot 2 days after my birthday on a snowy day in February. Both David & I didn’t know how things would turn out, we just knew that we wanted to shoot some dope visuals.

To our surprise the event turned out even better then both of us could have imagined, and turned into an actual house party. Big shout out to everyone who came out in the freezing cold to make this happen. Shout out to everyone who showed love. And shout out to everyone who supported but couldn’t make it!

Thank you to Ms. Rolonda Castle, the talented actress who flawlessly brought H.E.R. to life. Thank you to our incomparable Director of Photography Alice Millar, for visually capturing moments in a way that only she could. And thank you to our Assistant Director Lara Hemingway, for being on top of it all, and capturing some amazing polaroids that I am still in awe of.

More of the story soon to come … #HerTrilogy. 💔

This video is off the project H.E.R., about a girl who broke my heart. You can listen to H.E.R. on Soundcloud, and you can also download H.E.R. here.

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New Project: H.E.R. 

A lot on my mind, so I wanted to put forth some new music: H.E.R. is a collection of songs inspired by a girl who broke my heart about a year ago. Listen. Enjoy. Share. Let me know your favorite song. – Parisian Tone

Listen to H.E.R. on Soundcloud. Download H.E.R. here.


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Visuals: Wanna Fly

New piece of music that I wanted to release, after wrapping up a separate creative project. Visuals done by the ever-talented O.Kay Motion. 🙏  Watch. Share. Enjoy.

Stream Wanna Fly here. Download Wanna Fly here.

Parisian Tone

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Youth Series. 

A cut from “Youth Series” by Ishaan Nair & Nam Garsinii.

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Oh My God … The boy Bruno Mali Kidd, did a rendition to one of my favorite hip-hop songs ever … like ever, ever, ever.

Check out the Miami Version of Juveniles Ha. Completely reinterpreted through the life and experiences of Miami’s own Bruno Mali.


Link Mr. 99 if you would like to work with Mr. Mali.

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Umm … so I met CozBlvck on the gram and he told me to check out his ish. My thoughts were, “yea yea I’ll get to it bruv, take care…” (U.K slang for “buzz off”).

So I’m listening for the first time now, as I’m posting for the night, right before work in the a.m, and right before all my creativity is drained during the week, and … wow. CozBlvck has a sound

Good fvcking shvt bruv! You’re on your way, you’ve got a sound, and the track is proper (more U.K slang). Keep doing exactly what you are doing, just do more of it. 

Looking forward to hearing more. 🙏

Download FALLBACK (Prod. By HVRRY) here

Parisian Tone  

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