Cronies: L.A. Premiere.


I first saw Cronies back when it premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival, in April.

I was invited by Dio, who was being a dweeb that day, and didn’t show up to the event that he invited me to (he couldn’t get off work in time that day … Or so he says). So I went by myself, having no idea what the film was about, and just being happy to enjoy the cinema.

Cronies takes place in St. Louis, and is about Louis and Jack, 2 childhood best friends: the film examines their murky past, and also looks at their present day friendship. It’s as much of a coming of age story, as it is a suspenseful one.

As I was leaving the theater, I saw someone in the aisle who looked an awful lot like Louis in the movie, posted up in a St. Louis fitted. It turns out that it was Louis, or rather George Sample III. I told him how moved I was by the story, and how pieces of it reminded me of my own coming of age story in Memphis, TN. We exchanged numbers and have been friends ever since.

So why this post? One, because George is a good friend and I’m proud of him; he’s got his momentum up, the right team behind him, and the right project to be able to soar to new heights. Two, Cronies is good … Like REALLY GOOD. It’s gritty, it’s real, it has a great story, and it’s an honest piece of work.

Recently Cronies premiered in L.A. for Sundance NEXTFEST 15: Spike Lee is the executive producer, and the film is directed by Michael J. Larnell.

Support Cronies here, and bring the film to your city. Also keep up with Cronies on Facebook and Twitter.

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