Nativ Youth: Tell Me To Stay.

Nativ Youth is a band out of Brooklyn, NY, consisting of Demi Rowan on vocals, Jamie McArdle on guitar & production, and Grant Gulla on drums.

Me and Grant were talking about music, life & women a while back, and he was telling me how he was part of this new band, and how they were completely starting from scratch, and were solely focused on creating. That was a few months agoNow that I can hear their sound, I see what G was talking about, and I’m definitely feeling the vision.

Tell Me To Stay is a hypnotic yet upbeat song, sung by Demi Rowan who pours her heart out over the track. The production is tight and pulls you in, leaving you in a trance like state. Can’t wait to see the visuals for this one, for real fo’ real.

After you listen to it cop the official single on iTunes here.

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