Olu Bliss Presents: THE FIX (Show Recap).





The crowd eagerly waited for Olu Bliss to take the stage this past Friday night, and he did not disappoint.

The performance was at The Shop in Brooklyn: a nice spot for cool kids, a wide open area for live performances, a bar (of course), and most intriguingly a pit full of culinary artists, who were making some of the finest BBQ that you will taste in this city. (I was really surprised about the BBQ actually. Peep the menu here).

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Olu Bliss perform many times at our college alma mater. But I must say that at THE FIX, I was surprised: this wasn’t the same Olu Bliss playing house parties for drugged out white kids in Fredonia (sidenote: I stole that line almost verbatim, from the amazing journalist B. David Zarley who covered a story about my music a few years back, because I still love the way that those words sound when strung together. Peep great work from Zarley here). Olu Bliss is definitely on another level these days.

Aside from being at ease on stage, Olu debuted some unreleased material as well. Man, man, man … The unreleased tracks are unreal. The melodies are on point, the songs are beautifully crafted, and it’s all him.

Can’t wait to hear more from this rising star. And in case you missed him, keep up with Olu Bliss here:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bruhhh… Olu here. Thanks so much for the post. Humbled by your words. I’m just glad people are listening.

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