BXC Music Festival. (8/30).


I always feel like I say, “this is going to be lit”, and no one ever listens to me. So I’ll spare you that phrase this time … However, I will say that I would strongly advise you to move your ass, and bring it here tomorrow. 😇

Sunday (8/28), BXC is having their Music Festival, OUTSIDE in Brooklyn at McLaughlin Park, from 2-8pm. If you missed Afro Punk last week like I did, then this is a great event to come kick it at. AND it’s also one of the last big outdoor events of the summer, besides E-Zoo which is next week (I did E-Zoo for the past 2 years, it was a blast, but my E-Zoo days are over).

There will be A LOT of live music, a lot of really good hip-hop, and a bunch of cool kids & creatives there.

Grab tickets here.

Address: Tillary St & Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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