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Making headlines again, Nam was recently featured in Fashion Grunge, a publication run by Lauren Melanie, that’s dedicated to photography, fashion, and anything 90’s.

For the exclusive, photographer Alex Sedano & Nam, set off to Brooklyn to do an impromptu photo shoot, cloaked under the nights sky.

The shoot captures Nam in vintage clothing, pinned against of an array of cityscapes that distinctively characterize New York.

From the clothing choice of jean jackets, vintage tees, and leather, the series paints a very 90’s inspired portrait of youth, the city, and the kind of iconic style that one would describe as classic.

“Classic” in the sense that the clothing style belongs to a certain period, but also (and more importantly), classic in the sense that this clothing could be worn in any period. Which, if you did not already know, is a huge indicator of style: can your look only survive this season, or is your look something that will still be viable 10 years out? And for that, we can thank the stylist for the shoot, Jo Vilaire, for the look that was created – Great Job Jo.

The series is gritty, it’s dirty, and it’s honest. Check out the full feature and photos from the shoot here, on Fashion Grunge.

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