Sunday Night. 

My Artistic Director sent this to me, and I’m kinda digging it. Trippy song. Wavey song. Rvre song. 

If you’re in that kind of mood, then give it a listen. Sunday Night by Shake070VeryRvre. 

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At 5.7 million views, I am in no way breaking this video. It’s been buzzing, and Young M.A is in the midst of glowing up (yes the glow up is real).

For the record however, I did see this video about 3 months ago surfing the web and I loved it as much as I do now – I just wasn’t blogging as much at the time. 😇

Anyway this video is a straight up banger. Brooklyn Stand-Up.

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Suicide Squad in theatres as of this past Friday. 

I haven’t seen it, but some have said that Jared Leto’s performance was better than Heath Ledger’s. 

I don’t know about all that, but I do know that Jared Leto was brilliant in the film Mr. Nobody, which just so happens to be on Netflix right now. Definitely curious to check this film out. 👌


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Pistol Whip. 



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La Sauce Visuals.

If you don’t know Hamza, you will before you leave this blog.

Sauce God 🙏

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La Sauce. 

Cuisine la sauce.

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More Tunji.

Visuals from the audio I just posted below. Video is dope and I love the fact that it was shot overseas. When you’re rapping and getting that European money it’s lit for you. 💶✌💰

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